North American and Pelican Nebulae

Taken by: Tony Cellini

Date: 08/28/2010

Exposure: 100 minutes (20 X 300)

Description: Probably one of the most well-recognized nebula is NGC7000 or the North American Nebula. Another very interesting area in Cygnus just northeast of Deneb, the North American is actually visible to the naked eye from a very dark site. About 120 X 100 arcminutes in size, it is about four times the size of the full moon and needs an instrument with a very wide field to capture both it and the nearby Pelican Nebula, IC5070. This image was captured with a Canon 300mm EF-L lens coupled to an SBIG ST8300M CCD camera through a Baader 12nm Hydrogen Alpha Filter. It is comprised of twenty 300 second exposures which were stacked with Deep Sky Stacker and post-processed with Photoshop CS5.

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